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Meet Jenn Basa

Jenn Basa, singer, songwriter and fashion design guru, her creativity goes beyond putting words together to tell stories of her life to drafting, tailoring and finally owning up the designs of her own outfits. She is the voice behind a song called “Nabivaako” that features on Cajon Music House’ Compilation Album “My House, Your House”.
We recently met at a cozy hangout place at the top of Muyenga Hill, in Kampala a city Suburb.
We shared a bit about music and the fashion business before she went up on stage to sing.

The event was dubbed “An Evening With Independent Artists, organized by Alifchief.
It is upon this poster that i discovered she was fully an independent artist despite being a part of a musician collective cajon music house. Yes i have always thought she was signed to a music label because to me her vocal abilities suggested signed.

Cutting the long story short, Jenn Basa took us through a cold evening with her warm, calm and deep lyrics accompanied by Collin Sserunjogi the ultimate guitarist and a bit of her life stories, the turn up was at full house and from the sounds you could feel the intimacy in the interactions.
Most of Basa’ songs tackle the love life, insecurities, heart breaks and makeups, thus suggest upholding the greatest commandment like the scriptures say.
Want to learn more about Jenn Basa? head over to her Digital Channels, watch and listen for yourself.

Alif Chief Performs at Urban Chevre
Jenn Basa Performing Live
Alif Chief the host
Nabivaako By Jenn Basa
Collin Sserunjogi and Jenn Basa
Nabivaako By Jenn Basa

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