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Afrie “MULALA” my favorite song

Growing up in the division Makindye , most of the fun happened at Didi’ world, from an organized drive of bumper cars to the octopus, then the creepy Pilot ship.

The train was always boring for a person that used to play with the real rail at Nsambya on his way to Sunday school directly opposite UCB.

The pilot ship in particular gave me a feeling, the one in which your stomach goes up to replace your head and then back down, I always imagined if it went loose.

I would probably be thrown at the top of kizungu hill if not Kansanga kiwempe trading center since i always sat at the right extreme end.

The octopus could try to pour you out and then save you after a few second, yet one guy Freddie Fedzo was never afraid of that crab look like sea food monster.

The guy at the bumper cars gave us bonus for being organized, he didn’t know we were a Christian group of singers and dancers with a name soul winners, i guess he wasn’t church going.

All the memories of didi’s world came back at first glance of this video, i love this song so much that I see myself in it then disappear in complete suspense according to it’s visual concept.

Please watch Afrie performing Mulala, Subscribe, Like and leave a comment

Mulala by Afrie

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